Your Own Wild Voice Masterclass
  • Your Own Wild Voice Masterclass
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3-part Master Class series on Zoom. Maximum 25 students/session. Each class is 60 minutes.

The human voice has astonishing range and color, and - as with our lungs & brains - we may not be using it to its full glory! This fast-paced, fun 3-part master class will playfully explode your assumptions about your own voice. We’ll sing, listen to, and discuss vocal sounds that defy singing as only ‘pretty’.  We’ll explore where singing is a tool for changing us and our world. Moira playfully draws out techniques, timbres and styles you always knew were in you as a singer or writer, but maybe hadn't felt you could bring out!

We’ll learn very old songs and we’ll make new call & response, vocal improvisation and movement. Expect group and individual singing and sound-making!

Students can approach this class two ways:  1. Learning a song that challenges you to find a wilder, freer voice. 2. Creating a song that allows you to find new ways of vocalizing.  

Registration Fee: $100 USD (email about sliding scale payments)

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