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The Unzip The Horizon Songbook is companion to Moira Smiley’s 2018 solo album of the same title. The lonesome freedom and experience of years on tour were midwife to this original music; all about seeing down to the origins of anxiety and up into the freedoms we ignore. This collection of songs, lovingly arranged for a wide variety of voices and instruments, brings together the spirit of communal singing and a songwriter’s introspection. Body percussion is woven throughout the Songbook, engaging musicians on a kinetic level. This Songbook is for choirs, ensembles, bands, a cappella groups, or solo vocalists of all experiences—this collection of music invites anyone and everyone to lift their voices… and Unzip The Horizon.

122 page printed Songbook packed with exclusive features, including: Sheet music for 12 songs Lead sheets for percussion, piano & strings Exclusive study MP3s for each vocal part of every song Link to body percussion video tutorials on private YouTube page Original Artwork by Cao Minh Huy

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