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A subscription-based platform to keep the music going. Together we make a community that not only loves to listen, but loves to bellow.  ALL subscribers have access to ALL benefits, no matter your "tier level"!  An inclusive, pay-what-you-can model.

BENEFITS include:

  • Weekly witnessed practice sessions
         Sometimes it helps to have a witness for our acts of practicing and self care. This will be a space to support and encourage our individual practice. I’ll offer a new focusing statement in the first 3 minutes - which you can choose to pull from or not.  It’s about showing up, saying a quick hello and bearing witness to each other’s practice for 30 minutes. Practice is muted and non-performative. (yogi’s and meditators may call it “getting to the mat”).  Zoom dates/times scheduled monthly & announced in advanced. Simple!

  • Listening + discussion sessions before new music premieres publicly
         A new album is in the works, set to release early 2021!  Be in community & discussion with Moira as she premieres a collection of singles, videos, commissioned art, and special events.

  • Body percussion tutorial video of the month
         Just for fun or to inspire your own percussive movement & songwriting

  • Perusal score of the month
         A free look at fresh & favorite scores from Moira's catalog

  • Exclusive video performance series
     Moira + an international string trio record & perform new arrangements of favorite tunes. Available to subscribers FIRST

  • Monthly discount on soft merch purchases
         ie CDs + vinyl, tote bags, dish towels

  • Subscribers-only score sales
         Twice a year, only subscribers will get a ridiculous discount on all my scores. Think online yard sale filled with Moira goodies...

  • First dibs on limited spaces in masterclasses and *new* Conversation series (more info coming soon)

With no commissions or fees - unlike the popular Patreon - all Bandzoogle subscription fees go directly to supporting the artist.