Singing & Body Percussion Masterclass
  • Singing & Body Percussion Masterclass
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3-part Masterclass series on Zoom. Maximum 25 students/session. Each class is 60 minutes.

Across 3 focused classes, each session of this online master class will explore fresh, physical ways into singing and body percussion while at the same time strengthening confidence, clarity, and presence. Designed for anyone with interest in expanding their singing, conducting, arranging, composing, and/or teaching toolkit.

This masterclass explores body percussion, voice & theater improvisation, gesture & breath exercises as foundation. You will learn and create body percussion, melody, and text as ways to make singing and moving more embodied, true, and free. Moira is unfailingly gentle and playful when teaching movement, so ‘non-movers’ and those just learning about rhythm are encouraged to join. Many of us have shyness about moving and singing - AND creating! - so this class series is meant to strengthen resolve, build skills, and encourage more movement and song in the world!

Class 1: Get to Know Each Other;  Intro to Building Blocks

Class 2: Personal "Creation" Coaching, with individualized feedback

Class 3: Refining & Finishing Creations;  More Feedback

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