Sing About It (Naytronix Remix)

Moira Smiley

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‘Sing About It’ sings against the violence of white supremacy and the echo chambers we live in. A side-step from the a cappella anthem on Moira Smiley’s February 19th release In Our Voices, this Naytronix remix ventures into the land of vocal-driven experimental beats and fierce, meditative repetition. In this week where we feel the senseless death of George Floyd (and many other Black lives continuing to be cut down by our systems of oppression), the nucleus of this electro-pop remix is the ever-pulsing question: “am I responsible / are you responsible / what are we responsible for?”.

“Naytronix is the solo musical project of Nate Brenner, an American multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer who is also a member of the band Tune-Yards.”

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